There will always be potential for growth and success within your business, significant potential that often lies hidden or dormant to those closest to the business itself. Hodson Consultants are world-leading experts in finding and growing talent and systems to turn your managers into leaders, your sales teams into sales superstars, your customers into lifelong fans.
They specialise in guest-facing relationships, be it hotels and golf resorts, sports management or customer relations within the health, travel and luxury goods sector. Significant revenue and meaningful profit can be delivered only by their unique skills of guiding and inspiring individuals and their teams within that business.
Being connected helps enormously. With their expansive network, meaningful collaborations can generate opportunities never previously imagined.


Hodson takes a respectful approach to the traditions health and leisure industry (the founder being an individual who crafted his art within this tradition). However for success and growth to occur bravery must come into play. Bravery is nothing without delivery. A relentless drive to deliver real lasting growth. This is the Hodson Way.


Clinging desperately to tradition is not a good thing. Your audience changes constantly; however, you must often strive to retain existing and bring in "the new". Respect is all about fanning the flames of tradition. Businesses are often surprised where it can take them. They can not only advise given their vast experience, but respect fully guide you in the right direction.


Change can be a little daunting to the risk averse. People simply don’t know what they don’t know. Having a highly experienced guide to lead you on this journey to change is key. Change should not be reckless and for the sake of it, but it should always be productive and encouraging of real growth. Creating an obsession to deliver this success is a brave cultural change that helps define The Hodson Way.


There are countless individuals who will tell you what’s wrong, there are fewer with a plan. Those who can execute a successful plan are all too few. Once a direction of change is agreed, the collaboration begins, Hodson ensure this change lives and thrives in the hearts and minds of guest, player and key stakeholders.​


Hodson are expert in the sales journey, from finding, to retaining and referring. They understand current and future clientele needs and giving them not just what they're crying out for right now but something they've yet to realise they're going to love. Hodson thrive upon a real hands-on approach to your growth strategy.



Hodson Consultants are perfectly placed in the golf and hospitality space to operate as the introducer and facilitator between resort, hotel group and investor. Their extensive black book of resort owners and hospitality management consultants allow a smooth and successful acquisition to happen. With a number Of successful investment opportunities already realised, think of Hodson as the missing link for shareholders hoping to realise a timely exit strategy.


The sentiment of ‘this is the way things have always been’ is no longer true. Using the extensive skillset of Hodson, you can effectively plan out your entire resort or course estate. Optimising space, improving traffic flow, simply making it easier the the golfer or guest to buy, play or enjoy the experience you provide. Bravery comes into play here. Rest assured all recommendations are proposed to ensure growth and operational efficiency.


Hand in hand with project viability, Hodson will relentlessly project manage your latest investment guaranteeing stakeholder and get/player satisfaction. Not though science or long-winded analytics, but through a tireless approach to delivering on a plan no question. Trust and belief your new project will come to fruition and enhance your current business is paramount. Hodson understands this.


Once your new venture is up and running you need to provide some real commercial growth. Hodson have a number of highly respected industry leaders who can aid with Marketing plans, People brand and talent management, course builders, and brand standards creators. Pooling in exclusive thought leaders into your project will ensure you’re in best possible position to leverage real commercial value.


Transform your managers into real leaders with our leadership training solutions, It's the cornerstone of organisational success, From cultivating emotional intelligence to fostering innovation and driving team collaboration, our comprehensive training provides the essential tools and insights your team needs to lead with confidence and inspire them to achieve extraordinary results.


Before ground can be broken, teams recruited or brands built, you need to know the project will fly both commercially and operationally. Hodson are masters assessing the go, no go status of a project or investment, advising on how to make the project more viable and frank enough to advise when the project should remain firmly on the drawing board. Experience is paramount here.


Elevate your sales team with our cutting-edge sales training programs. We understand the dynamic landscape of modern sales and empower them with the skills and strategies you need to excel. Our comprehensive training will unlock their potential, equipping them with the tools to confidently engage clients, negotiate effectively, and close deals with finesse. Revolutionise your approach to sales today.


Don’t just take our word for it. The following are current reviews of the The Hodson Way at play in their businesses.

I’ve known Daniel for many years as my go-to golf expert.

Having worked together in such an iconic brand as De Vere hotels, it has always been fantastic having someone with the wealth of knowledge, not just in the operational standards but within the commercial space.

His contribution to the wider groups performance has been invaluable. He is such a critical part of the team and brings with him a sense of fun and professionalism and the ability to engage teams and drive performance.
Kellie Rixon MBE
Rixon Associates
Daniel has been at the heart of some of the game’s most innovative and successful golf memberships in recent times, which is testament to his foresight and strategic thinking.

He has a fantastic understanding of the golf and leisure industry, which has enabled him to create new product offerings which have re-written how aspects of golf management operate.

Above all, he takes a professional and personal pride in gaining the best results from his team, and for his clients, and is a fantastic partner for investors in the game.
Executive Director
Performance 54
view website
Daniel have been operating at the sharp end of the golf industry for more than 20 years and have played a significant role in helping a number of reputable golf businesses to drive revenues and build their market share during that time.

Having worked on both the retail and trade side of the industry they have developed a deep and far reaching understanding of the golf market and have used this knowledge to great effect, at the same time developing excellent relationships with golf industry professionals at every level of the sport.
Ryder Cup
Commercial Director
view website

We were aware that changes to our pricing model could negatively impact business performance if our sales team weren’t fully prepared. We turned to Daniel to bring his energy and professionalism to the situation. We knew that bland training would not suffice so Daniel developed a bespoke course for us. 

This not only coached the team to deliver the new pricing but also bolstered their confidence and self-belief. 


This training took the team out of their comfort zone, but the result has been an increase in average order value and, more importantly, a team that believes in themselves.  
Chief Marketing Officer, The Slimming Clinic
United Kingdom

Daniel always undertakes a really deep dive into how the sales teams are operating, the cultures, the skills, and the workflows that we've got going on and in every instance, he improves the results considerably. So if you're looking for somebody to come in take ownership of your sales issues to have empathy and bring your teams along with him to significantly improve the sales results that you get from any part of your business wherever that may be within the sales funnel then I would highly recommend that you pick up the phone have a conversation with Daniel.  Get him to come and have a good look at what's currently going on in your business because I guarantee that he will squeeze exceptional results out of your existing team whilst recommending ideas and thoughts to really take your business to the next level.

Transform Clinic,
United Kingdom

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